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Platinum Games Expands to Create New Game

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Platinum Games, the Japanese studio behind games like Bayonetta and Vanquish, has decided to expand their company. According to the company’s director Hideki Kamiya, they will be opening a new office in Tokyo, and it will be staffed by “crazy” people who want to make new games.

Currently, Platinum Games has about 240 employees, as stated by their COO Atsushi Inaba. And with the new Tokyo office, Inaba explained that their goal is to bring aboard 100 more employees in the company.

Kamiya and Inaba also confirmed that the Tokyo office is created to work on different projects, like live-service games. Another reason for the expansion is for the studio to be able to work on more games in general, including both original projects and partner projects.

According to COO Inaba, the company is currently under-staffed for a studio that is getting a lot of work offers from other publishers. He admitted that the studio is presently limited to how many projects they can take on, so they had to turn down a lot of projects during the recent months. And that is what led them to increase their manpower so that they can work on more fun projects.

Aside from working on their original projects, Platinum Games frequently partners with publishers to work on their IP. For example, they have worked together with Square Enix on NieR: Automata and with Nintendo on Bayonetta and Star Fox Zero. 

And with a new studio in Tokyo, we can presume that Platinum Games will be able to work even more with big projects and big companies in the future.

With this in mind, fans are excited about the new games that the studio will be releasing for gaming PC.

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