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League of Legends Blood Moon Skins 2020

Released of blood moon skins 2020 of League of Legends for gaming pc

Blood Moon happens to be one of the most famous skinline in the League of Legends universe. It is a series of alternate universe skin that features our favorite champions as Ionian demons or cult members who worship the Blood Moon.

For this year, Riot has finally released the Blood Moon skins, including Blood Moon Katarina, Blood Moon Master Yi, and Blood Moon Tryndamere.

Blood Moon Katarina

Blood Moon Katarina is the honored priestess of the Blood Moon cult, who has merged her flesh with her demon as all priestesses were fated to do. It is also said that the descent of the Blood Moon changes the nature of demons and humankind. And now, Katarina slowly turns into a newer, darker form.

Blood Moon Master Yi

As the cultists of the Blood Moon had begun a dread metamorphosis, so are the lines that divided the demon realm and the human world are being erased. Blood Moon Master Yi is one of the first cultists that were blessed by this new darkness, giving the demon within his blade arm more strength and power, driving him to even greater spectacles of violence. 

Blood Moon Tryndamere

The demon inside Blood Moon Tryndamere has fully assumed control of his human body, using its inhuman strength to slash the gaping wounds in the veil standing between the human and demonic realms. Shrugging off the wounds that are even fatal to demons, Blood Moon Tryndamere uses his unstoppable and unquenchable rage to see that all things be consumed by the Blood Moon.


The Blood Moon skins are now available in-game. To avail them, download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC or laptop.

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