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HTC Announces New Versions of Vive Cosmos

New version of Vive Cosmos for gaming pc has been announced

Behold virtual reality gamers, HTC has announced to release two new versions of the Vive Cosmos — a cheaper version and a more expensive one.

Keeping true to their promise that Vive Cosmos would be an extensible modular VR headset, these variants are designed to give players some options. These two new variants are the Vive Cosmos Elite and the Vive Cosmos Play.

The Vive Cosmos Elite is the more expensive version of the Vive Cosmos. It adds a pair of SteamVR stations for a more accurate room-scale play. It also comes with a pre-installed External Tracking Faceplate and a pair of Vive controllers. This variant costs around $899 and is set to be launched by April for gaming PC and console.

The other variant, which is the cheaper one, is the Vive Cosmos Play. It is an entry-level headset that features a slightly stripped down faceplate. And unlike the Vive Cosmos, this variant only comes with four cameras inside out. It also has a little less accurate tracking but is ideal for entry-level VR gaming for video games such as Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs or A Fisherman’s Tale.

But this feature doesn’t make the Vive Cosmos Play a lesser headset compared to the two versions. Users are allowed to upgrade the basic Vive Cosmos Play to a six-camera faceplate similar to Vive Cosmos or get the External Tracking Faceplate present in the Vive Cosmos Elite. 

And that doesn’t end there. HTC also confirmed that there will be a fourth version of the Vive Cosmos. They call the Vive Cosmos XR. It will feature another alternate faceplate, which can see the addition of two XR pass-through cameras for an augmented reality experience. However, HTC hasn’t yet announced the set launch date of the Vive Cosmos XR.

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