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League of Legends Releases Blackfrost Skins

Released of the new blackfrost skins from League of Legends for gaming pc

Riot has just released 10.5 PBE cycle, and this new patch comes with three skins, which includes Blackfrost Alistar, Blackfrost Rek’Sai, and Blackfrost Renekton.

The new Skinline Blackfrost gives our favorite champions a new frosty and cool appearance in the Summoner’s Rift. All skins are now available on LoL, just make sure to download the latest patch on your gaming PC.

Let’s check out these new Blackfrost skins:

Blackfrost Alistar

Blackfrost Alistar is known as the mightiest of all the minotaurs, who once roamed the northern mountains freely. But when the evil Ice Witch cursed his home with endless winter, Alistar soon changed as well. The fearsome behemoth became corrupted, his fur and bones twisting into pure and frozen malice.

Blackfrost Rek’Sai

When the Ice Witch conquered the great glaciers of True Ice in the far north, she decided to make an army of her own. And one of the first to be sculpted was Rek’Sai, who acts as a vessel of chilling savagery which befits the queen’s powers. Granted with sentience by the will of the Watchers, Rek’Sai now terrorizes the domains with the brutal instincts of a bloodthirsty predator.

Blackfrost Renekton

While he was still alive, Renekton stood against the tyranny of the Ice Witch, fighting the inevitable and endless winter until his last breath. Now, in death, he serves as a virtuous warrior who was cursed with resurrection by the vicious Ice Witch. Since then, he became a general leading the onslaught of the Black Forest army, he serves the very queen he once swore to destroy.

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