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Minecraft Adds New Nether Biomes 

Screenshot of Minecraft Nether Biomes as played in a gaming pc.

Mojang has recently added three new Nether biomes in Minecraft: the Crimson Forest, the Warped Forest, and the Soulsand Valley.

Each of these new biomes has a new material they called Netherite, which is said to be refined from the Ancient debris. You can use Netherites to upgrade a diamond gear, making it more powerful and durable in the long run.

Players can make Netherite by mining Ancient debris from one of the three new Nether biomes. After you mine the Ancient debris, you have to refine them into Netherite Scrap by using the furnace. Then you have to combine the Netherite Scrap and four Gold Ingots to have the Netherite Ingot.

About the three new biomes, the Crimson Forest is described as a wooded location where you can find all strange and new vegetation. One of them is Shroomlights, which provide natural light in the forest. There is also a creature called Crimson Spores, which swirl through the air all over the Crimson Forest.

The next biome is the Warped Forest, which is another wooded area, and looks quite similar to the Crimson Forest. The difference is that it is the least hostile of the three new biomes.

Lastly, we have the Soulsand Valley, which is an open biome comprised of Soul Sand and Soul Soil. Players will encounter Skeletons roaming the area, and there will also be unknown fossils scattered everywhere.

To check out the three new biomes, make sure to download the latest update of Minecraft on your gaming PC.

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