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League of Legends Releases Dragonslayer Skins

The release of the Dragonslayer new league of legends skins.

Riot has released the Dragonslayer Skins for your favorite League of Legends champions, including Diana, Olaf, and Trundle. Together, they enter the world of the dragon slayers, fighting to save their realm from the destruction brought by the draconic monsters.

Let’s check them out:

Dragonslayer Diana

Legends speak of a special breed of dragons that ravages the countryside and hides under the veil of nightshade. While most of the dragonslayers think twice of challenging such dangerous foes, there is one slayer by the name of Diana, who dives in headfirst. She brings her blade and armor forged from the remains of the monstrous dragons.

Dragonslayer Olaf

Olaf is a savage berserker from the hinterlands and sought a warrior’s death by slaying dragons. Horrid beasts fell to his ax one by one, and there are even rumors that say he consumes the heart of the dragons he beheaded. And the truth is, the act has only fanned the fire of his rage, which drives him to bring the dragons’ end.

Dragonslayer Trundle

Trundle is the king of a clan of giant trolls, and the revered dragonslayer. He is blessed with the ability to command the raw power of mountain ice. Using this power, he defends the realm from death and destruction. Over the ages, surviving trolls have looked up to Trundle as their fearsome leader in a world torn asunder by dragon fire.


To check the latest Dragonslayer skins, download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC or gaming laptop.

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