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2 New Silent Hill Games are in Development

silent hills p.t. as played in gaming pc

Photo Source: Silent Hills Wiki

Rumor has it that two new Silent Hill games are currently in development. According to the report published Eurogamer, a reliable leaker with the Twitter user Aesthetic Gamer was the one who dropped the news.

In his Twitter posts, Aesthetic Gamer has divulged some of the details about the two upcoming Silent Hill games. According to him, the first game will be a soft reboot of the franchise, while the second game will feature an episodic title experience that is similar to the Telltale Games.

He also explained in his post how Konami had reached out to various developers and pitched the ideas for the two games. This happened two years ago, and it seemed that they finally got the right developers in their team to proceed with the development of the game. 

Aesthetic Games further explained that aside from the two details, there were no further details he knows of. 

Although everything has no solid basis as of the moment, Konami was recently spotted refiling Silent Hill trademarks that were about to lapse. Another website by the name Rely on Horror also said reported that a new Silent Hills game was in development according to its own independent source.

The last Silent Hill game that was in development was Silent Hill P.T., which was under Hideo Kojima and was meant to be released for PlayStation 4 and gaming PC. However, Kojima had fallen out with Konami and went to develop his own game, which was already released.

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