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SOMA and Amnesia Developers Create New ARG

New ARG of SOMA and Amnesia as seen in a gaming pc

Photo Source: TechnoBuffalo

Frictional Games, the studio behind psychological video games like SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has teased its new game. The studio had kicked off the year 2020 by teasing their new ARG video game before they released its official game reveal.

ARG stands for alternate reality games. Some fans have already discovered two mysterious videos on Youtube that may be a reference to Frictional Games’ next video game.

Frictional Games has recently updated its website, which features an animated image of a white pulsating circle. There is also a mysterious eyeball icon on the site, which is under Frictional Games’ Follow Us panel that includes all the links to the company’s social media accounts.

As of now, the eyeball icon isn’t linked anywhere. But upon hovering over it, it reveals a partial URL which the user can copy and paste to Youtube. The video is titled Box 52, Tape 16.

However, the video only shows some rocks recorded on an old video recorder. It also shows a close up on one rock that has a mysterious eye symbol drawn on it.

In the video description, the cassette is marked Shetpe, KSSR, which stands for the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. As we know, KSSR is also the former name of the country of Kazakhstan in the past. Shetpe, on the other one, is the name of the city in that region.

A second video was later discovered on the Frictional Games’ website by some avid fans. It was a link to another Youtube video. This one, though, has no video footage but only features sounds of nasty noises that include what seems to be a monster’s scream.

The description of the second video only said that the audio is from a video marked Triple Crown. The term Triple Crown serves as a reference to the Egyptian Hemhem, which means scream.

Fans, on the other hand, hope that Frictional Games will host an ARG game similar to the one they did with SOMA.

It is also possible that similar to their other games; the new ARG video game will be released for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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