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League of Legends Releases Cinematic Trailer for Season 2020

Riot has again blown away the internet after releasing its breathtaking cinematic trailer in celebration of its new season for the year 2020. The video was titled “Warriors – Season 2020 Cinematic Trailer,” and features several champions in the League of Legends universe in a series of dramatic events.

The cinematic trailer features nine champions and three stories in the League of Legends universe shown simultaneously. The first story is that of Garen and Lux, who tries to defend a snowy fortress in Demacia as Sylas and his barbarians close in. Garen tried to fight with Sylas, but the latter gained the upper hand. Lux intervened using her light magic and called upon Galio, who arrived in mere seconds. We then see Lux starting to cast her ultimate spell, Final Spark.

The second story featured Ezreal and Kai’Sa. In this one, we see Ezreal in a desert temple of some sort and stealing the Tear of the Goddess, which triggered awakened the Void Minions and started attacking him. Before being overwhelmed by the crawling minions, Kai’Sa appeared and helped him escape. But instead, Ezreal came back for Kai’Sa to aid her in fighting the minions.

And finally, the third story features Piltover’s officers, Caitlyn and Vi, as they prevent the freed Dreadnought Urgot from escaping the jail that he was bound to.

Overall, Riot had overdone themselves and again amazed fans with their cinematic video, leading many to ask the question as to when the studio plans to release a full movie. But for now, all we can do is wait.

League of Legends is a MOBA video game for gaming PC. It was released back in October 2009.

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