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League of Legends Releases Sugar Rush Skin

The release of league of legends sugar rush skin

Riot has released a new set of skins for the community. The Sugar Rush skins consist of our favorite champions Braum, Evelynn, Ziggs, and Zilean, as residents of the Candy Kingdom in Sugar World. 

Let’s check out these Sugar Rush skins:

Sugar Rush Braum

No one knows how Sugar Rush Braum can keep any candy off his majestic mustache. But everyone does know that he is a great defender that stands stalwart for everyone, from the smallest gumdrop in the Sugar World up to the strongest candy king.

Sugar Rush Evelynn

In the Sugar World, where every tooth is sweet, Evelynn’s sugary bite is the only deadly thing. 

Sugar Rush Ziggs

Sugar Rush Ziggs is the famous Gumball Grenadier that roams across the Candy Kingdom. Everyone knows how lovely and colorful his explosions are, but they also know how it is best watched from a distance.

Sugar Rush Zilean

There’s never enough time for the residents of the Candy Kingdom to eat all the sweets. But it’s the other way around for Sugar Rush Zilean because for him, there is never enough candy to fill all the time he has.


To avail one of the Sugar Rush skins, make sure to download the latest patch of LoL on your gaming PC or gaming laptop.

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