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Amazon Games New MMO to be Released this 2020

New world to be this 2020 on Amazon games.

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Similar to Google, Amazon decided to step up and enter the gaming industry by developing their own games. And during The Game Awards 2019, Amazon Games have announced the release date for their new MMO, New World. It is set to be released on May 26, 2020, for Microsoft Windows gaming PC.

According to Amazon, New World is an open-world massive-multiplayer online video game that will be released this 2020. It is set during the 17th century’s Age of Discovery or Age of Exploration, in which European ships traveled across the globe in search of new trading routes and partners. 

In the New World, the players will journey to a newly discovered island called Aeternum. There, they must conquer the land and combat other players. They must also defeat the legion of undead creatures who aim to purge the colonists from their land.

The game offers players an open-world wherein they can discover treasures or build an empire. New World is also said to feature massive battles and fortress sieges with up to 100-player battles. Players can either choose to team up with other online players to form Companies, or play solo and build their life in New World.

New World will be the first major title from Amazon Games. The studio was initially formed in 2012 but only started developing games in 2014. Amazon first announced three new games during Twitchcon 2016, which includes Breakaway, Crucible, and New World.

However, Amazon Games had a setback during 2017 and when they announced that Breakaway was canceled. But that all seems to change now with the upcoming release of New World.

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