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Google Stadia Acquired Typhoon Studios

Typhoon Studios acquired by Google Stadia

Typhoon Studios, the developer behind the Journey to the Savage Planet, has just been acquired by Google Stadia. But despite the acquisition, the upcoming game will still be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and gaming PC next year.

In an announcement from Google Stadia, Jade Raymond stated that the Typhoon Studio team led by Reid Schneider and Alex Hutchinson will be the first to join Stadia Games and Entertainment Studio. The studio will be led by Sebastian Puel and based in Montreal.

Journey to the Savage Planet was first announced at the Game Awards 2018 and was the studio’s first project. It is currently scheduled for an official release on January 28, 2020.

The game is described as an upbeat first-person adventure video game that is set in a bright and colorful alien world, which is filled with weird but wonderful creatures. 

Typhoon Studios will be the first third-party studio to join the Stadia brand and will be a part of Google’s plan to publish Google Stadia exclusive titles.

Although Google Stadia has had some rocky start, it seems that Google’s own venture to develop its video games will be fruitful in the next few years. They also stated their plans to further go into the gaming industry and create video games that will be exclusive to the Stadia platform.

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