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Fortnite Winter Royale $15 Million Prize Pool

Know everything about the $15 million prize pool winter royale.

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Epic Games has announced the return of its popular Fortnite Winter Royale competition. The said event usually takes place during the holidays, and this year, it comes with a $15 million prize pool. This makes it the second-highest paying competition in Fortnite history.

The Fortnite Winter Royale duos 2019 tournament will take place from December 20 to 22. For three days, Epic Games will host different competitive tournaments with the varying scoring system — with each day offering a $5 million prize pool.

Each of these tournaments will be platform-specific and open to all players, which means those on consoles won’t be matched against PC players and vice versa.

Epic Games promises to further post details regarding this year’s Winter Royale tournament. The post will include rules and will also explain the details of the individual competition event.

Fortnite is an online open-world, a battle-royale video game from Epic Games, the same company that created the Unreal Engine. Fortnite was released way back in 2017 for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It is also available for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android phones.

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