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Riot’s New Publishing Initiative Riot Forge

Riot Games has a new publishing initiative.

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Riot has announced its new publishing initiative, Riot Forge, which intends to partner with third-party developers to work on the latest League of Legends games. The company also confirmed that multiple titles are already in development at Riot Forge.

Riot has been voicing out their plans to further expand the League of Legends franchise by releasing new games set in its universe. And this is precisely what Riot Forge is all about.

According to Riot, the new publishing initiative will feature titles that will be completable game experiences. These game titles will feature different genres and will be released on various platforms, including gaming PC, consoles, and probably smartphones. They will all serve as a complement to the live service game as well.

Riot Forge is led by Leanne Lombe, and according to her, the team is humbled to work with their partner developers to create games set in the LoL IP.

The company’s VP of IP and Entertainment Greg Street also expressed his thoughts about the new expansion. He said that there are so many talented game studios around the world that have exceptional skills and experience in game development. He also showed his excitement to work together to bring the LoL Ip to new game experiences.

As of now, Riot is working on a variety of projects, including its League of Legends-themed card game, a separate FPS game, and a different fighting game.

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