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Gears 5 Inspired by Super Mario Galaxy

Gears 5 video game for your gaming pc

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Gears 5 is a shooter video game set in a sci-fi environment. And believe it or not, according to its developer The Coalition, the game’s development was pretty much inspired by Super Mario Galaxy.

The Coalition head Rod Fergusson revealed that the game’s robot support character named Jack was inspired by the Wii game.

In Super Mario Galaxy, a second player is allowed to join in a game by using the Wii Remote to pick up star bits and fire them at enemies. This makes it easier for the first player to destroy the enemies. The second player also doesn’t need the platforming skill of the first player to join.

Gears 5 Jack is allowed to float above the battlegrounds of the game, controlled by a player in co-op mode. Users who choose to play as Jack can stun and damage enemies from afar, and can also heal allies.

According to the developers, Jack’s character was created to appeal to players who aren’t familiar with shooter games like Gears 5. Players can take the role of Jack without the need to master their shooting skills to enjoy the game.

Jack also helps veteran players to welcome new users in the game, creating a more friendly and welcoming ecosystem.

Gears 5 was released last September 10 and was published for both Microsoft Windows gaming PC and Xbox One.

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