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League of Legends: Senna, The Redeemer

Trying Senna, the redeemer in your gaming pc.

Senna has finally arrived on the Summoner’s Rift and is ready to become more than Lucian’s resurrected wife. With an amazing skill kit, Senna becomes the first support and marksman hybrid in League of Legends roster of champions.

Let’s check out Senna’s abilities:

Passive: Absolution

Senna’s primary weapon Relic Cannon may be slow to fire but can deal with bonus damage. She can power up its range, Critical chance, and Attack Damage over time by absorbing Mist from enemy champions she’s attacking or from the wraiths that spawn from dead enemies.

Q: Pierce Darkness

Senna fires a bolt, which heals her allies, and causes Damage to her enemies. Attacking enemies can also decrease Piercing Darkness’ cooldown.

W: Last Embrace

Senna can command the Mist onto the first target hit, damaging the enemy and then rooting the target as well as surrounding enemies after a short delay.

E: Curse of the Black Mist

Senna transforms into a cloud of mist, gaining movement speed, as well as providing camouflage to herself and nearby allies. Teammates who emerge from the mist appear as unclickable wraiths to enemies until they either attack or get close.

R: Dawning Shadow

Senna’s ultimate ability allows her to fire a global beam. Allies in the beam is shielded, and enemies that are caught in the center of it take DamageDamage.


To try Senna’s abilities and check out her gameplay, make sure to download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC.

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