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League of Legends Releases True Damage

Knowing everything about True Damage as tried in a gaming pc.

After performing in the League of Legends Worlds 2019 Opening Ceremony, True Damage is now ready to bring their music into the Summoner’s Rift.

Let’s check them out:

True Damage Akali

After the worldwide success of K/DA, Akali decided to recruit accomplished and up-and-coming new artists to form a new supergroup called True Damage. The crew is comprised of diverse talent, ranging from a natural lyricist to a renowned producer, to legendary vocalists — all prepared to disrupt the music industry.

True Damage Ekko

Ekko is a boy genius from the rough streets, who turned to music as a way to express himself. Although his technological savvy and prodigious lyricism could have bought him a way out, he decided to stay and uplift his neighborhood with his music. After joining True Damage, he has now garnered a large following of teenagers who sees him as an avatar for their own potential.

True Damage Senna

Senna first rose to fame with her stunning vocal range and iconic sense of style. However, when a shadowy adversary from her past imprisoned her in a restrictive record deal that took away her creative independence, she vanished entirely from the spotlight. After years of living in the shadows, Senna decided to join True Damage as their lead singer, set on defining her legacy on her own terms.

True Damage Qiyana

Qiyana came from a Latin family known as music royalties. And although her family’s esteemed reputation can quickly bring her to the path of stardom, she decided to set her eyes on something grander. With her brash confidence and rebellious persona, Qiyana joins True Damage to change the game in the entirety of pop culture.

True Damage Yasuo

Yasuo is a skilled but enigmatic veteran producer, who all the others turn to for inspiration. His beats transcend genre and paint the whole universe with wild textures of sound. Notorious for being selective of his collaborations, Yasuo sees True Damage as a platform to revolutionize how society experiences music.


True Damage skins are now available in the League of Legends store. Just make sure to download the latest patch of the game on your gaming PC or laptop.

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