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Hearthstone’s New Battleground is Out

Photo Source: Venture Beat

After teasing the new battleground mode in Blizzcon 2019, Hearthstone has finally released the new game mode on November 12th for gaming PC.

The Battlegrounds mode entered the early access on the first week of November. It was made available to players who have attended the Blizzcon event in California, and those who got a BlizzCon virtual ticket. Players who bought the Descent of Dragons pre-purchase bundle also got to check the new game mode first-hand.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is currently available to all players. It features an ever-evolving board where players are pitted against randomly selected opponents in turn-based combat.

Players can choose from 24 heroes and can recruit minions in Bob’s Tavern. These minions can be strategically deployed across the board between rounds until one challenger is left standing.

In a blog post, Hearthstone explained the new Battlegrounds as a game mode where you can choose your hero, craft the board with recruited minions, duel, and repeat.

The new Hearthstone update also includes the new Legendary Battlegrounds Launch Quests. These quests reward BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders with a golden version of the Neutral Legendary Descent of Dragons card Sathovarr.

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