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New Rabbids Game Teaches Coding

Ubisoft has released a new educational Rabbids game that teaches young players the basics of coding for free. The game is called Rabbids Coding and is available to download on Microsoft Windows gaming PC via Uplay.

Rabbids are the cute, mischievous rabbit characters that were introduced in the Ubisoft game Raving Rabbids, which is a Rayman video game series spinoff. Raving Rabbids uses these creatures to introduce coding concepts and other basics to kids.

Rabbids Coding has 32 levels and teaches its players sequential programming, loops, and conditions. It features a puzzle-solving game, wherein the Rabbids have invaded your spaceship. To stop the Rabbids, you must enter the right coding commands into the spaceship’s operating system and eject the cute but painstakingly annoying creatures into orbit.

The game also aims to teach its players concise programming, since it encourages the use of short and efficient sequences.

Although the game was designed to target kids aged seven and above, Ubisoft Montreal welcomes older users to try it. According to the developers, Rabbids Coding can be a handy tool for adults who want to start learning how to code.

Director Olivier Palmieri explained that their team strongly believes that video games can play an important role in learning new technical skills. Hence, they are looking forward to sharing the game with everyone as a teaching tool.

Ubisoft has shown its interest in creating and developing educational-entertaining games for its users. 

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