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Fortnite Releases Chapter 2

The released of the the Fortnite Chapter 2

As we all know, Fortnite ended its last season with a bang. The original map was blown up and became nothing but a black hole. But fear not, because the game’s Chapter 2 has now gone live. And it is now available to play.

Fortnite Chapter 2 was introduced with a brand new cinematic, which features all of the old characters plus with a few new ones. We all get to see the new map as well, bringing in new challenges and different gaming experience to the players.

The Chapter 2 patch is now available to download on all platforms, including gaming PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile consoles. And the file happens to be a chunky one, the PC update weighs in at 16GB while its PS4 file weighs over 9GB.

Upon downloading the new patch, the update will replace the old Fortnite island with a brand new map. It will also kickstart the game’s Chapter 2 with a brand new Battle Pass for Season 1.

As the developers previously explained, the new map will feature all-new locations. Players also have to complete specific actions such as gaining kills or surviving for a certain amount of time to earn medals to their punch cards.

Similar to Chapter 1, each season will feature new challenges to help players build up points and unlock tiers for the Battle Pass. 

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