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House of Dead 1 and 2 Are Getting Remakes

House of Dead 1 and 2 Remakes For Gaming PC

Video game publisher Forever Entertainment had just announced the official remake of the iconic zombie shooter arcade video game, House of the Dead 1 and 2.

The announcement came via an official post on their Twitter account. According to the tweet, Forever Entertainment has confirmed the signing agreement concerning the remakes of the games: The House of the Dead and its sequel, The House of the Dead 2. No platforms or release date has been confirmed yet, and the company will not release further details as of the moment.

Before the announcement, there were already rumors circulating the internet about the possible remake of the horror zombie arcade game. One Polish website posted an unofficial report that MegaPixel Studio is currently handling the development of The House of the Dead remake. The article also mentioned the studio slightly modifying the gameplay but will be sticking with the video game’s original script.

Sega has made a total of six House of the Dead games, each featuring a pair of agents who need to survive through waves of zombies. The series became popular alongside Resident Evil and brought fame to the horror survival genre. The two franchises also became popular in the arcade scene.

The House of the Dead was first released in 1996 in Japan and then was internationally introduced in 1997. It was released for PC, arcade, and Saturn video game console. So it might be safe to say the remake will also be released for Microsoft Windows gaming PC and other gaming consoles. 

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