Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Crossover

Resident Evil 2 Remake For Gaming PC

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It’s confirmed, Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter World: Iceborn is going to have a crossover. The RPG adventure hunting title will add the Resident Evil 2 main characters, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, into the game. This will allow players to make their hunters appear like either of the two.

Aside from that, the crossover update will also allow players to turn The Handler into Tyrant. There are reports as well that the update will make it possible for the hunters to look a bit like the zombie from Resident Evil 2.

Players will also get a Tofu weapon pendant and a tiny knife as part of the crossover event.

The Resident Evil 2 crossover update is reported to be released by November, but no further details were announced besides that. But the crossover event may play out like the previous ones. The players must likely earn the outfits and accessories by doing specific tasks.

Monster Hunter: World isn’t new to crossovers. They have previously released crossover contents featuring Final Fantasy 15, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Horizon New Dawn, and The Witcher 3. 

To check out these crossover events, make sure to download the game. Monster Hunter: World is available on Steam for Microsoft Windows gaming PC.

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