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Apex Legends Reveals New Map: World’s Edge

Gaming PC's Apex Legends New Map

Respawn Entertainment’s battle-royale game Apex Legends is getting a new map this coming season. It is called “World’s Edge,” which was teased in the new trailer for the game’s next season.

The new season 3 trailer also features some of the map’s biomes and locations, as well as the new hero Crypto and his hacking abilities.

As what we can see from the trailer, the World’s Edge map will feature biomes different from the King’s Canyon. Some of the biomes shown in the trailer include the giant ice drill that sticks upon the ground, with its midsection covered in ice spikes. There is also what seems to appear as a magma biome, stemming from a nearby volcano and has steam vents bursting open simultaneously. Its force is enough to throw a hero into the sky.

The trailer also shows players a scene where competitors are seen dueling aboard a moving train, complete with interior and exterior cars, as well as item crates. The train drives through a snowy region, giving the impression that it might travel across the map.

Respawn Entertainment also confirmed that the new map is set on Planet Talos, an entirely different planet from Planet Solace, where King’s Canyon is located.

Apex Legends Season 3 has started last October 1. If you want to join the latest season, you can download the game for free on Microsoft Windows gaming PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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