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John Wick Hex to be Released this October

John Wick Hex for Gaming PC To Be Released This October.

The official John Wick game, John Wick Hex, finally has a release date. The action-strategy game developed by Bithell Games which is based on the popular fast-paced movie franchise will be released on Microsoft Windows gaming PC and Mac on October 8.

John Wick Hex came as an unexpected video game adaptation of the popular Keanu Reeves movie franchise, characterized by its elegant choreographed action set pieces. The game transforms the fight moves from the screen into a timeline strategy game. The players then must plan their steps ahead of time and see how the actions and consequences will play out.

The game is a not turn-based strategy game. In John Wick Hex, each action and move take place in a timeline. It means that the player must plan their responses based on their enemy’s movements and attacks. Ammo is finite in this game but reloading your guns will take a while, so the player must plan their strategies well.

Keannu Reeves has not been announced for John Wick Hex, as he may be too busy with Cyberpunk 2077. However, actors from the movie franchise such as Ian McShane and Lance Reddick will voice their characters from the films. A-list video game voice actor Troy Baker will also play the villain Hex designed for the game. 

John Wick Hex will be exclusively released at the Epic Games Store.

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