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System Shock 3 Trailer Revealed

system shock 3

Otherside Entertainment finally gave us fans the first gameplay teaser to the third game of the popular sci-fi video game franchise, System Shock.

System Shock 3 is an open-ended, first-person sci-fi action game. Its development was led by the legendary game director Warren Spector and video game developer Ken Levin. The game is free-to-play and will allow players to explore the world of System Shock the way they want. Players are allowed to choose whether they want to be a hacker, melee master, or stealth specialist, and use their unique abilities to uncover the mystery of the spaceship that has been taken over by the SHODAN.

The teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of System Shock 3’s gameplay, including all the machines and monsters you have to take down. We get to see a few of the weapons that will be available in-game, and all the gruesome graphics it has in store for us.

Other than that, the trailer also teased us with a mocking monologue from the evil AI, SHODAN. It is also apparent that she got some updates compared to the previous teaser images that were released way back.

Although the trailer focuses more on the monsters and action that the new game will feature, it also confirmed that the players can choose which path they want to take in the game. 

System Shock 3 is scheduled for next year and is expected to be released for Microsoft Windows gaming PC

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