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LoL Releases New Star Guardian Skins

Learn the new star guardian skins

Riot has finally released the newest champions to feature the Star Guardian skins, which include Zoe, Neeko, Rakan, and Xayah. The Star Guardian is a series of parallel universe skins in the game. It follows the story of chosen cosmic protectors that defend the universe from celestial enemies and chaotic threats.

Let’s check out the new Star Guardians:

Star Guardian Neeko

“Star Guardian Neeko with her little friend TowaKhas descended from the skies to help the Star Guardians. But is she strong enough to face foes like Star Guardian Zoe?”

Neeko and Towa are hopping their way onto the Rift with the new Star Guardian skins. The skin features an all-new model and textures for Neeko, giving her a Star Guardian outfit. She also gets some new particles including sparkles and ribbons, as well as new sound effects including a lot of blebs from Towa. On the other hand, her new recall animation shows us how Neeko transforms into a Star Guardian.

Star Guardian Rakan

“Star Guardian Rakan has been resurrected to bring darkness to the Universe, alongside her lover, Xayah.”

Star Guardian Rakan and his companion Riku are dashing their way to the Summoner’s Rift. The new skin includes a new model and textures, giving Rakan a dark look. It also features new dark yet sparkly visual effects, as well as new SFX that scream of evil. Rakan also gets some new voice-overs, recall animation, and new emotes.

Star Guardian Xayah

“Several years ago, Xayah and her lover, Rakan, was destroyed in the fight against Zoe. The pair was then resurrected but was turned against their allies. Blaming the Star Guardians for abandoning her to die, Xayah has taken a bitter and personal stand against them.”

Star Guardian Xayah gets to have her new Star Guardian uniform. But when she uses her skill Featherstorm, the corruption in her briefly disappears, and she turns back to her original form. Her new skin includes new visual effects, sound effects, and voice-overs. Her new animations and rig include how she touches her lover’s gem, which momentarily cleans herself of Zoe’s corruption during her new Recall.

Star Guardian Zoe

“Zoe is a member of the ancient, the first group of Star Guardians. But it wasn’t love that she desires the most, but chaos. This twisted her newfound power into a malignant expression of cosmic madness. After eons of hunting other Star Guardians, she has come to the Valoran City to destroy the latest generations of Guardian as she has done with the others.”

Star Guardian Zoe includes all-new model and textures, visual effects, and sound effects that feature the sweet sound of sinister. Her new recall animation and rig give us a glimpse into the darkness in the world between the worlds.


To avail the latest Star Guardian skins, make sure you download the most recent patch of the game on your gaming PC or laptops.

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