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LoL Releases Dragon Oracle Udyr and Hextech Rammus

Trying the new release Dragon Oracle Udyr

Riot has released two new skins for the Spirit Walker Udyr and the Armordillo Rammus. Udyr gets to have the new Dragon Oracle skin, allowing him to channel the flames of the dragon spirits. On the other hand, Rammus gets to be the latest champion to have the Hextech skin.

Excited? Let’s check them out:

Dragon Oracle Udyr

Legends say that to know the dragon spirit, one must be able to hold tightly to an ember that still burns. And only through his discipline that Udyr has managed to survive such powerful magic. Unlike those before him, Udyr does not seek to master the dragons but to use and channel their flame into a blaze that can fuel his own rebirth.

The new skin gives Udyr new models and textures, as well as visual effects to cater to his new title as the Dragon Oracle. He also gets to have new sound effects and all-new recall animation.

Hextech Rammus

It is said that even the most renowned Hextech artificer has bowed to the creativity and perfection of nature. After crafting arcs to mimic the golden spiral, Rammus has proved to be an efficient creature at rolling, putting the golden arcs at full use after escaping the moment his creator put down her wrench.

The new Hextech skin gives Rammus all-new models and textures, and visual effects for his skills with dazzling hues of purple and blue. He also gets new sound effects for all his skills and new recall animation.


The two new skins are now available at the League of Legends store. To avail them, make sure to download the latest patch on your gaming PC or laptop.

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