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League of Legends Infernal Skins Launched

Launched of league of legends Infernal skins for your gaming pc.

Aside from the new Elderwood skins, League of Legends had also launched a new set of Infernal skins for champions including Galio, Shen, and Varus. These Infernal skins are designed by Riot KiWiKid and are part of the Infernal theme. 

Infernal is a series of alternate universe skins for the League of Legends champions. It is set in a universe where the Ashen Lord has been summoned and transformed the world into a land of ashes and fire.

Let’s check them out:

Infernal Galio

Galio has been gifted with the new infernal skins, giving him new models and textures that feature some sleek designs to admire. His new visual effects include heated orange among all of his abilities. He also gets to have new sound effects on all of his spells, with his flaming energy highlighted throughout. Last but not least, he also gets a new recall animation to go with the new look.

Infernal Shen

Infernal Shen has come to the Summoner’s Rift to smite his enemies and burn them alive. His new skin features Shenpai in his full blazing glory. It also has new visual effects to complement his sleek flame. He also gets new and additional SFX on all his spells. His new recall animation allows him to teleport back to base inflaming, underground style. On the other hand, his new death animation shows how one must die to be reborn from the ashes.

Infernal Varus

Varus and his fiery dedication have given him the Infernal powers. These give him new models and textures, which includes the bowler hat. He gets new visual effects on all of his spells as well, featuring hot orange-reds all over. The new skin also gives new sound effects on his abilities, and  new recall animation.


The new Infernal skins are currently set at 1350 RP. You can find them in the League of Legends store. To see the most recent updates, make sure to download the latest patch of the game on your gaming PC.

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