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Tencent Reveals SYNCED: Off-Planet

Screenshot of SYNCED: Off-Planet as played in a gaming pc.

Global publishing company Tencent has just revealed a brand new shooter video game titled, SYNCED: Off-Planet. The new title was a game they have been developing in partnership with NVIDIA.

SYNCED: Off-Planet was unveiled last week at NVIDIA’s showcase at Gamescom. It is a survival, crafting, and base-building shooter game with PvPvE elements. The player must have to face 50 players and 1,000 corrupted human cyborgs called NANOs. The game is currently being developed by NExT Studios as part of Tencent.

According to NVIDIA, SYNCED: Off Planet focuses on personal and group survival. It tasks the player with preparing your group and crafting gears and guiding survivors to shuttles leaving earth.

The primary goal of the game is for players to compete with each other to have the chance to save their group and get off the dying planet. But aside from other players, you and your group must also survive against marauding swarms of NANOs.

No further details were given regarding the game’s release date. But we hope that SYNCED: Off Planet will be released for Microsoft gaming PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, as well as for iOS and Android smartphones.

If you want to check out the game, you can watch its first gameplay trailer in the video below:

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