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Capcom Invites RE Fans to Test New Game

Resident evil 7 was offered to be tried on the fans gamig pc.

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It seems that Capcom is currently developing a new Resident Evil game. Speculations began when the company issued invites to the members of its Resident Evil Ambassadors program to test a new game which they are developing.

In an email sent by Capcom, the company said that they are reaching out to US-based members of the Resident Evil Ambassador community in hopes of recruiting potential testers to try out a new game in early development.

According to the same email, fans who want to apply as testers must live in Los Angeles and are available on September 20 or 21. Those who are based in New York can also have the chance to apply as testers if they are available from September 23 to September 24. However, be informed that the participants won’t be compensated for their time and travel expenses.

Capcom also requires two things for the applicants. First, they should be a member of the Resident Evil Ambassador program, as stated earlier, and second, is that they should have played a Resident Evil game in the past. The same email was sent out to Japanese program members a week earlier, inviting fans to take part in the tests happening on September 8 and 9.

It is still unclear what this new title is all about, as no further details were mentioned about it. However, many fans are speculating that it might be another remake of an older Resident evil game or perhaps a spin-off series. But it could be possible that the game will be released for gaming PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

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  1. Capcom is looking for Resident Evil fans to offer their take on a new game that’s currently in development, according to an email which was sent out to a certain group within the Resident Evil community. A specific group of fans called Resident Evil Ambassadors reportedly received email invites from Capcom that asked them to be testers for an in-development game. The only catches are that those invitations appear to be restricted to only Japan at this point, and we don’t yet know what this game will be.

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