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League of Legend Releases New Project Skin

Try the new LoL Project Skins in your gaming pc.

The Reckoning has come! Riot has launched the new set of PROJECT skins for Akali, Irelia, Jinx, Pyke, and Warwick. PROJECT skins is a series of alternate future/universe skins set in a dystopian future of Piltover, where champions are augmented with cybernetic enhancements.

Let’s check out the latest PROJECT skins:


Akali is a cutting-edge PROJECT subject, who escaped the City’s boundaries. She now brings dire warnings of untested superweapons to those living in the wasteland beyond. With options and time running out, other outcasts join her in an attempt to take the mega-corporation down. However, some of these outcasts think that she might be a double agent.


Irelia is a PROJECT cast-off who found sanctuary in the lawless wastes of the City. Now, she has led other outcasts like her to fight corporate assassins and survive the murderous old-world technology along with the widespread ecological collapse. Knowing that their superweapon could destroy everything, Irelia joins the attack on the City to end the PROJECT once and for all.


Jinx volunteered for the PROJECT conversion but never expected that a critical power failure would scramble her memory core. She has now become a psychopath driven by the manic voices in her head. Jinx is obsessed with destruction and has begun to show signs of something far more sinister that her memory fragmentation — the influence of the PROGRAM.


Pyke is an early PROJECT prototype with untested upgrades that left him violently unstable. This was when his handlers decided to throw him outside the walls of the City. However, his cybernetic brain survived, rebuilding his body with salvaged scrap parts. And now their fragmented and overlapping memory is mixed with his own as they wish for revenge. 

PROJECT: Warwick

Warwick was plucked from the wastelands by a project research cell. He was then transformed into a terrifying new stage of transhuman evolution, a weapon built solely for violent suppression and is stripped of all remorse. Through the meddling of outsiders, he managed to escape confinement before being completed and now rampages across the City.


To avail one of these new PROJECT skins, download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC or laptop.

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