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Overwatch Teases New Character, Sigma

Learn and play the new character of overwatch, Sigma in your gaming pc.

Photo Source: Dexerto

Blizzard has finally revealed its latest Overwatch hero via an animated short origin story on Twitch. This new hero is an astrophysicist named Sigma, who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe with his abilities. According to the developers, he has been irreparably changed by a tragic experiment, resulting in his ability to manipulate gravity. Sigma also suffered severe psychological damage, making him a threat to humanity. He was locked away in a secret government facility for years but was eventually freed by Talon and used as a living weapon.

In his short origin story, we get a glimpse of his past. This past includes how he rambles about gravity and the possibility of harnessing the power of the black hole. We then get to see a series of flashbacks where we see him imprisoned and tortured.

There is also a scene where Sigma describes both freedom and imprisonment as an illusion, giving us a few hints about his personality.

Before Sigma was officially revealed, fans were already expecting the release of another hero. The speculation started when a cryptic developer update was launched on the server, which was then interrupted by a black hole and the classical piece (Gnossienne No.1) used in Sigma’s origin story.

These updates were then followed by another video that shows a close-up jumpsuit with the sigma sign, as the same piano song plays in the background before the alarm started blaring. All those simple things eventually lead to fans expecting that a new hero will be released soon.

Sigma follows the release of Baptiste, the combat medic in February. To see more of the new character, make sure to download the latest update of Overwatch on your Microsoft Windows gaming PC or laptop.


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