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Ring of Elysium Surpasses 7 Million Downloads

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Photo Source: Tencent Twitter

Video game company Aurora Studio has announced that its battle-royale game, Ring of Elysium, has broken a record!

In the news published by SteamSpy, the battle-royale game has surpassed 7 million downloads on Steam. And it seems that the number will continue to rise up thanks to its latest updates.

Its recent major update was the Ashen Eye, which was released last July 3. Ashen Eye is a game mode that pits players against each other in a safe zone with an ever depleting supply of oxygen.

Ashen Eye gave fans a different approach to the classic battle royale gameplay. Instead of featuring an area-shrinking mechanic typically found in other battle royale games, Ashen Eye has a different approach. Players must survive the aftermath of a volcanic eruption that destroyed the island of Europa. With the air contaminated with toxic sulfur dioxide, oxygen becomes the most precious resource. Players must fight each other for oxygen resources and keep moving as the safe zone in this game mode will continuously change location throughout the match.

Aside from the record-breaking announcement, Aurora Studio continues to invite players who want to join in the Ring of Elysium Amazon Cup. The gaming competition features a $60,000 prize pool and is open to all players in Europe and North America.

Ring of Elysium was first released as an early access game back in September 2018. It is a free-to-play video game which you can download on Steam for Microsoft Windows gaming PC and laptop.

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