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Dauntless Gets Exciting Rewards from Free Update


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Dauntless launched its free update that adds Trials to the game. This is by far the game’s most challenging content, and with it, comes new and exciting rewards.

The new trial features an ultra-tough Behemoth with hybrid abilities that will rotate every week which has already started last July 16. This is a part of the Fortune & Glory update, which players can download for free on their gaming PC.

The Fortune & Glory update is the beginning of the High Skies season in the game, which is a pirate-themed Hunt Pass. It will continue with a new Hunt Pass later this summer and will come with new trials.

The developers have explained what these trials are about. One of which is about the Behemoths that comes with a hodgepodge of unexpected abilities taken from other Behemoths. 

Another thing about the Trials is that it comes with a new mechanic called aggressive fauna. The developer described these as slugs that players can find all over the map. And it depends whether the players will use them to their advantage or not.

Dauntless is a free-to-play action RPG video game from Phoenix Labs, which was initially launched in beta form last May 2018. The game was then fully launched last May 21, 2019, for PC and gaming consoles.

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