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Valve Features New Recommendation Tool

Steam Interactive Recommender

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Valve has rolled out a new program on Steam, designed to give users an early look at its experimental tools. This new program is called Steam Labs, which allows users to access work-in-progress features.

There are currently three Steam Labs projects which include the following:

  • Interactive Recommender
  • Micro Trailers
  • Automated Show

Both Micro Trailers and the Automated Show were designed to deliver interactive content to the users. Micro Trailers are six-second video game trailers, while the Automated Show is a half-hour video show which showcases the newest games released on Steam.

But out of all these three features, it is the Interactive Recommender that stands out and is considered as the biggest project of Steam Labs.

You see, the Interactive Recommender was programmed to deliver a more improved game recommendation system thanks to its machine learning. It was designed to solve Steam’s longest-running recommendation problem.

As we all know, Steam is probably the biggest gaming library online. However, having so many titles makes it hard for users to sort through all these games and find ones relevant to their interest. And thus the idea of the Interactive Recommender was born. With this new-machine learning-powered system, Valve hopes to get the right games in front of the users.

This just means that it will be easier for the users to download the games they like on their gaming PC, and try new ones under the genre they prefer.

Steam Labs has just launched but is currently only available to users who opt-in to test the experimental feature. 

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