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Home » Digital Extremes Releases Warframe: Empyrean New Intro Cinematic Trailer

Digital Extremes Releases Warframe: Empyrean New Intro Cinematic Trailer

Play the warframe empyrean in your gaming pc

Photo Source: PlayStation Blog

Digital Extremes has finally revealed new details about the latest Warframe’s Empyrean cooperative expansion. They also discussed the new updates and a new intro cinematic trailer.

Empyrean is the newest expansion of Warframe, which will allow players and their clan mates to control a battleship called Railjack. By using the battleship, they will be able to initiate deep space combat. They can also use it to travel through the Origin System, exploring new planets and territory, and fight any hostile forces along the way. Players can upgrade and customize their ships, as well as repair their damages.

The expansion of the game also introduces the Squad Link, which is a multiplayer system that connects the players to the larger community. Players can also use it to call other active squads to help them with their cause.

Two new updates are also added in the game — the Nightwave Series 2 and Wukong Prime Access. Both are now available for players to download on their gaming PC

The Night Wave Series 2 will feature a new story wherein the player will meet a mute and mysterious child named Arlo. It is also part of the game’s seasonal rotating updates, which includes daily and weekly challenges for players to unlock limited-time gears and rewards.

Wukong Prime, on the other hand, can be earned by playing the game or merely purchasing the enhanced version of the original Wukong Warframe.

Last but not least, a new cinematic intro will also be added to the game later this year or in early 2019. It was stated that the intro trailer will include three flashback sequences which were designed to introduce new players to the first three Warframes.

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