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League of Legends Adds New Dark Star Skins

Try the new dark star skins for league of legends in your gaming pc.

Photo Source: Rift Herald

Riot has finally added new Dark Star skins: featuring the champions Jhin, Shaco, and Karma. These new Cosmic creatures are born from sublime love and the unknowable monstrosities of the Dark Star.

Dark Star Jhin, Shaco, and Karma have descended upon the Rift to show their celestial prowess:

Dark Star Jhin

Jhin was once an interstellar entity which was consumed by the Dark Star and given new purpose. His ageless mind is now infected by the visions of omnipotence and is consumed by an insatiable hunger. Dark Star Jhin now scours entire regions of space seemingly on a whim and uses its remnants to form bizarre and silent objects of art.

Dark Star Shaco

Shaco was once a region of space which was known for raucous celebration but was then wiped clean by the Dark Star. Shaco was then reborn into the mocking visage of a jester. Now, his twisted cackling reaches inhabited systems, showing visions of destruction, and societal breakdowns that will soon feed his endless hunger.

Dark Star Karma

Karma was a galaxy-spanning civilization which was dedicated to pacifism and personal enlightenment. But then she was unceremoniously erased from reality and reborn as a star-consuming horror. Now, she roams the universe, devouring entire galactic systems. Dark Star Karma now enforces a dread order upon the cosmos, meditating in the vast oceans of emptiness where there were once stars.


The Dark Star skins are now available on League of Legends store. To avail them, all you need to do is to update the latest patch of the game on your gaming PC or gaming laptop.

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