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HTC Announces New Specs of their Cosmos VR Headset

Try the new cosmos vr headset for your gaming pc playing.

Photo Source: The Verge

We all know that Valve is about to release their own VR headset called Valve Index. But that won’t be as easy, especially with HTC’s plan to launch a new high-end VR headset which they call Cosmos VR for gaming PC.

The company has been teasing about their upcoming VR gear to the public. Here are some things that HTC revealed about the Cosmos VR Headset:

6 Cameras

The Cosmos VR features six cameras off a premier inside-out tracking experience. These include a robust room-scale experience and smooth controller tracking.

Vented Front Design

It features a new Vented front design system which keeps air flowing so users will be able to wear the VR headset longer.

Modular Face Plate

The Cosmos VR gear can be adjusted, thanks to its swappable faceplate that can be updated for different XR needs in the future.

Flip Up Design

Thanks to its flip-up halo design, the Cosmos offers absolute comfort to its wearer. This also allows users to quickly step out of the VR without the need to remove it altogether. 

Aside from these features, HTC also revealed a few details about the gear’s graphic detailing frame rate and resolution:

  • A seamless gaming experience at 90 FPS.
  • An impressive LCD display with 2880 x 1770 combined resolution.
  • Real RGB panels which increased subpixels.

The HTC Cosmos VR  Headset is speculated to be released either by the end of this year or early next year.

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