New League of Legends Arcade 2019 Skins

Try the new Arcade Skins 2019 of league of legend in your gaming pc.

Photo Source: Rift Herald

Riot has released this year’s champions donning the Arcade skins. These champions include Caitlyn, Kai’Sa, Yasuo, and the newest addition, Qiyana.

Let’s check them out:

Arcade Caitlyn

Arcade Caitlyn has come to the Rift, sporting new models and textures that go along with the arcade theme. It also features new particles, sound effects, and recall animation. Aside from that, Riot also released a Prestige Arcade Catelyn, which features a white and gold palette for her visual effects. She also gets a new and upgraded gun.

Arcade Kai’Sa

Arcade Kai’Sa hits the Rift with all new models and textures, along with new particles, sound effects, and recall animation. Her new skin includes gold, blue, and violet palette. While her visual effects follow the pixelated theme that the Arcade theme is known for.

Battle Boss Yasuo

The Arcade theme won’t be complete without the Battle Boss champions. First in our list is Battle Boss Yasuo, complete with his dark violet and creepy green hues. His new skin includes an all-new model and textures, and new particles, sound effects, voice-over processing, and recall animation.

Battle Boss Qiyana

Following Battle Boss, Yasuo is Battle Boss Qiyana. This new skin is Qiyana’s first skin and gives her a sinister but chic look which includes violet, dark pink, and green hues. The new skin gives Qiyana new model and textures, new particles, sound effects, and recall animation.


To purchase one of these new arcade skins, make sure to download the latest patch of LoL on your gaming PC or gaming laptop. Each of these skins cost 1350 RP except the Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition.

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