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Tips on Playing Qiyana, Empress of Elements

League has launched its newest champion last month, a melee-magic type user called Qiyana. One of the notable things about this new hero is that she is an elemental magic user that uses her weapon to blow her attacks.

In our article last week, we featured Qiyana along with her skills and abilities. But today, we’re going to take it up a notch by giving you tips on how to play this new and interesting champion.


Thanks to Qiyana’s flexible skill set, players have all the tools they can use to improvise, adapt, and survive different situations in the game.

But perhaps the most important thing in playing Qiyana as your champion is to understand how to position and take advantage of the terrain using her second ability, Terrashape (W).

Terrashape allows her to deal damage, increase her attack speed, and get damage buffs while she’s near her chosen elements.

Her first skill, Edge of Ixtal (Q), allows her to gain properties and let her root enemies. This does more damage to low health opponents or stealth. Try using this skill together with Terrashape.

Since Terrashape allows Qiyana to perform a short dash, it also resets Edge of Ixtal’s cooldown. So use her Q-W-Q combo to your advantage and outplay opportunities. Add up Royal Privilege once the opportunity strikes in, and deliver massive extra damage.


Qiyana is in her best advantage if fights or clashes happen either in the river and jungle. These Summoners Rift areas allow her to access her range of abilities as opposed to when she’s going one-on-one with a champion in the mid lane.

Her ultimate ability, Supreme Display of Talent (R), becomes scarier when the enemy champion is backed up against the wall.


Qiyana works best in countering enemy champions like Vel’Koz, Brand, and Xerath. However, she’s not the best at dealing with fighters and tanks who can survive her initial burst. Avoid picking off enemy champions that can shut down her mobility.


With her multiple dashes and her ability to increase movement speed around river, walls, and brush, its best for Qiyana to roam around and pick up early kills. She needs those extra gold and resulting damage items to take control of the map and make each skirmish to her advantage.

***Qiyana is now available to play on the League of Legends store. All you need to do is to make sure that you download the latest patch/update on your gaming PC.

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