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Ubisoft and Netflix to Make a Division Movie

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Video game company Ubisoft has announced that Netflix is currently working on The Division movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain.

The news came through an article made by The Variety. To those who didn’t know, Netflix has already bought the distribution rights for the video game adaptation of the action-adventure game, Tom Clancy’s Division. The first movie is now being directed by David Leitch, the director of Deadpool 2 and Hobbs & Shaw.

The upcoming Division movie is said to be inspired by the game’s fiction. According to the movie’s description, it is set in the near future when a pandemic virus has spread across the country via paper money during Black Friday, decimating New York City. By Christmas, what was left of the society has spiraled down into chaos. In an attempt to save what was left of the country, a group of civilians who are trained to operate in catastrophic events, are put into a mission.

Director David Leitch has spoken about the movie, describing it as a world that is so compelling, people would want to take time in exploring it. He also shared how his sentiments and how he wanted to break the “video game curse” with his adaptation of The Division game.

Aside from the movie, The Division 2’s got another good news for fans. The title is also set to release its one-year expansion roadmap which is said to feature a new raid. This raid will bring players to the Coney Island, National Zoo, and Pentagon.

Division 2 is an online action RPG game from Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows gaming PC, and Google Stadia.

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