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Saber Interactive Wants to do a Remake of Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 as played in gaming pc

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The developer studio behind the zombie-survival video game World War Z, Saber Interactive, approached Valve to voice out their intention of doing a remake of Half-Life 2. However, Valve quickly responded that if a remake were to be done, it would have to be developed internally.

Saber Interactive CEO and co-founder Matthew Karch talked about the whole ordeal with GameWatcher. According to him, after they have worked with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, their team, quickly turned their attention to Half-Life 2.

Karch said that he had personally reached out to Valve’s Gabe Newell, and said that he wanted to remake Half-Life 2. Karch even told Newell that he won’t charge him for anything. Unfortunately, Newell and Valve responded with a no, saying that if they were going to do it, it had to be done internally.

However, it is weird that Newell has allowed a group of fans to remake the first Half-Life. Why won’t they allow Saber Interactive to do it? It would have been interesting to see their take since they are huge fans of Half-Life and other of Valve’s games.

Left 4 Dead is another game Saber wanted to remake.  And to scratch the itch, they created World War Z, which is heavily inspired by the Left 4 Dead universe. It is a third person co-op shooter video game for PS 4, Xbox One, and gaming PC

While we may be unsure of a Half-Life 2 remake, we are happy with the fact that a studio like Saber Interactive has voiced out to Valve about the long-awaited remastered version of the game.

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