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Beat Saber is now on Windows PC

Beat saber played in gaming pc.

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The VR rhythm game Beat Saber is now available on Microsoft Windows gaming PC. The game has left its Early Access and is in its full version that comes with a Level Editor.

According to its developer Beat Games, they felt that it was the right time to leave its Early Access phase and finally be fully released. They said that the game is already stable, especially now that all of its versions (Steam, Oculus, and PS VR) are finally unified.

But still, Beat Games said that the full release of the game is just the start and that they still have so much left in store for it.

Like it was stated earlier, the full version of Beat Saber comes with a Level Editor. This features a 2D user interface and will allow players to create levels using their own audio tracks. Plus, the song “Beat Saber” from the OST Vol. 1 is included for free. This allows players to immediately try out the Level Editor right away without the need to create anything.

Beat Games also confirmed that although the game is now in its full version, more features will be added this year. These include soundtracks from big artists from all genres, and more paid Music Packs and free tracks will soon be available as well.

Beat Saber was made popularized through its sci-fi looking interface and energy blades that resemble the lightsabers from Star Wars. The game is currently available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and on Windows Mixed Reality for Microsoft Windows PC.

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