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Dauntless Finally Released

Dauntless For Gaming PC

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Phoenix Labs has finally announced the release date of their free-to-play action RPG, Dauntless. The game is set to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows gaming PC through the Epic Games Store last May 21.

Originally, Dauntless was supposed to be launched on consoles last April but was later on pushed back to summer due to some circumstances. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch as well and mobile phones by the end of the year.

Since May 2018, Dauntless has been in open beta on PC and have gone through a lot of changes. Major updates were added during the recent weeks in preparation for the console release. Aside from that, a brand new character customization system has been added. According to the developers, it will come with a lot of features compared to the current ancestry system. The new customization system can also be accessed by the players at any given time. This allows old players to update the look of their characters upon the game’s official release.

The game was first introduced in 2016 during the Game Awards. Phoenix Labs said that the game was inspired by known titles such as Monster Hunter, World of Warcraft, and Dark Souls. In the game, the player is tasked to hunt and slay behemoths to earn materials and craft stronger items to survive. It also features a Rotating Hunt Pass that comes with changing rewards and tasks.

Since its alpha test started, a lot of changes were made in the game. According to its main site, Dauntless has gone through an estimated 6,000 changes. These include three new systems in the game such as the Mastery System.

Phoenix Labs also talked about its plan to create a cross-platform experience to the players, which they called “One Dauntless.” However, it is not known when this plan will come to life.   

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