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New Call of Duty to be Announced this June

New Call of Duty To Be Released

Activision has finally confirmed the development of a new Call of Duty game, which the studio plans to reveal this coming June.

The news came during the studio’s financial conference call earlier this month, where they have discussed the results of the company’s first quarter. According to Activision, the next game of the long-running FPS series would be revealed before the end of the second quarter of 2019.

E3 2019 is scheduled within the quarter, but according to speculation, it is more likely that Activision will choose to announce the new Call of Duty game at a dedicated event before E3. The studio had done the same thing when they revealed Black Ops 4 last year, so that couldn’t be far from happening.

No further details were discussed about the upcoming game, but rumors are implying that it will feature a story campaign mode. It is also believed that the newest entry in the series is scheduled for a Q4 2019 release. And similar to its predecessors, it is highly possible that the game will be published for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Many fans, on the other hand, expect that the Infinity Ward will return to the Modern Warfare setting in this upcoming game. As we all know, it is the modern warfare setting that made the Call of Duty series popular in the market.

To further solidify the rumors, Activision has already shown the upcoming game to a group of athletes as part of their Call of Duty Partner program. There was one footage taken by an attendee that has led fans to believe that the upcoming game will be the long-awaited Modern Warfare 4.

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