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New Overwatch Workshop Mode

Overwatch Workshop Mode

During the last week of April, Blizzard Entertainment has announced the new “Workshop Mode” for their team-based first-person shooter video game, Overwatch. The new mode was designed to expand the customization features available for players in-game.

The announcement was posted in Overwatch’s official website, describing the new “Workshop Mode” as a simplified game scripting system. It will expand all the customization features available in the Game Browser. Blizzard also confirmed that the new mode will be available first through Overwatch’s publish test region server (PTR).

The Workshop Mode will allow players to create a script, add rules, and unique play conditions to the already established existing game modes. The rules include movement speed, abilities, healing mechanics, damage, and more. These give players different gaming experience, depending on the rules and script they decide to add in the game.

There was this one theoretical model that was called Molten Floor. It was described by as a customized gaming mode where the hero will catch fire if they touch the ground. So players have no choice but to frequently jump and look for objects to move across the map.

In a video posted by Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan explained the Workshop mode. According to him, the customization features of the new mode is robust enough to allow players to create a prototype of their own Overwatch hero using the system. He also described it as more of a power user feature, which will apply mostly to players with programming backgrounds as well as those with experience in scripting engines. However, he confirmed that the Workshop isn’t a map editor that will let players create or add geometry or art into the game.

To try the new Workshop mode, make sure to download the latest update of the game in your gaming PC or laptop.

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