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Is Captain America’s Shield Coming to Fortnite?

Fortnite Avengers

Will Fortnite do another Avengers crossover? Well, it seems to be that way because last Monday, Epic Games official Twitter posted a teaser image, showing a pink-haired character holding Captain America’s famous vibranium shield. The teaser was dropped just in time with the last Avengers movie, Endgame, being released in the same week.

The teaser image that was posted by Epic Games on their Twitter account came with a caption that says, “Whatever it takes.” Those were the same words that were said by the surviving Avengers in the trailer as they try to find a way to save the universe. As of now, it’s unclear what the Avengers content will bring to the game. But since the teaser image has shown Captain America’s vibranium shield, we can all expect a new shield or gear to be introduced in the game, similar to the limited-time Infinity Gauntlet mode that was released last year.

When Avengers: Infinity War movie was released last year, Fortnite released the limited-time Infinity Gauntlet mode, wherein the ever-powerful Thanos became available as well as the overpowered weapon called “Infinity Blade.”

We’re not sure if Thanos will be featured this year, but with the teaser image, we’re kind of expecting that Fortnite will instead feature the weapons used by our favorite superheroes in this upcoming crossover event. Just imagine the items we can get from the Marvel Universe — Captain America’s vibranium shield, Iron Man’s nano-suit, Black Panther’s vibranium armor suit, or even Thor’s Stormbreaker.

We only hope though that the upcoming update and items won’t disrupt the balance of the game, unlike what happened with the Infinity Blade last year. The item was so overpowered it caused an imbalance in the game that the mythic item has been removed.

Fortnite is a survival, battle-royale video from Epic Games that was released in 2017 for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, as well as for iOS and Android phones.

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