Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Has Started

Photo Source: Dotesports.com

Blizzard has finally announced the Overwatch: Storm Rising event which officially begins today, April 16, and will last till May 6.

The announcement was first posted on Twitter, noting the duration of the event. The post features a video that dives deeper into the ongoing Overwatch lore and shows the conflict between Overwatch and Doomfist.

The video also features a recording from Sojourn to Strike-Commander Morrison, revealing that instead of going after Doomfist directly, the team was assigned to target his accountant Maximilian instead. The video then shows that Tracer will be placed in charge of the mission, alongside Mercy, Winston, and Genji as supports.

In a separate post that was published last Sunday and features the same event, it appears that this Archive will take place in Havana, Cuba and will involve a Category 3 storm.

This Archive is one of Overwatch’s lore-based seasonal events that is set to follow the previous ones like Retribution and Uprising. Both of the said events lasted from mid-April to early-May, similar to the set date and duration of Storm Rising. Both of the previous archives features a unique PvE game modes, with one team working to defeat waves of AI enemy bots. Retribution and Uprising also included special loot boxes for the players, with event-exclusive content that is only made available during the said event.

To check out more updates about Storm Rising, you can visit Overwatch’s official website. Overwatch remains as one of the top team-based FPS games of the year. The title was released on May 24, 2016, for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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