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Dead Cells Releases Free “Rise of the Giant” Update

Dead Cells Rise of the Giant Update For Your Gaming PC

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Motion Twin has released its latest update for its roguelike-Metroidvania video game, Dead Cells. The game is now out on Steam and is currently rolling out to gaming consoles, bringing new content. And the best thing about it is it’s entirely for free.

The Rise of the Giant is the largest update that was released by Motion Twin for Dead Cells. This update features two new areas including the Caverns which is filled with lava and projectiles falling from the ceiling and the new secret level designed for the 5-Boss Cell endgame players.

The update also brings two new bosses in the game: the titular risen Giant that was featured from the very start of the game, and a secret boss for the 5-Boss Cell endgame players.

Ten new enemy types are also scattered through the new areas as well as in the existing levels on higher difficulties. Ten new weapons were also added, including The Giant Killer, a sword that you can use to fight giants, and the Boi Axe that you can throw on your enemies to finish them.

Aside from that, the update also features a new character outfit system with over 50 outfits you can collect by killing and skinning enemies in higher levels and difficulties including the Hand of the King.

There will also be new skills you can use and Mutations such as the Berserker which can add up to 60% damage reduction after killing an enemy.

Last but not least, a new object called the Mirror is also introduced in the game. This artifact will help you find hidden blueprints scattered in the areas.

The Rise of the Giant Update is Motion Twin’s love letter to all the fans who have supported the game since the beginning. If you haven’t tried playing Dead Cells yet, it is 25% off on Steam right now, and you can buy it at $18.74.

Dead Cells was developed and published by Motion Twin for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Mac OS, and Nintendo Switch.

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