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Gearbox Announces We Happy Few DLC Release Date

They Came From Below Release Date For Your Gaming PC

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Compulsion Games and Gearbox Publishing finally announced the release date for We Happy Few’s first DLC packs called They Came From Below.

The DLC pack was announced by Gearbox during their keynote’s address at Pax East 2019. In fact, the first part of the downloadable content was already launched last April 4. The DLC costs $7.99 alone, but can also be purchased along with the rest of We Happy Few Season Pass.

They Came From Below is the first of the three additional stories that will be added in the We Happy Few. It will feature the story of Roger, a NPC in the main game, and his partner, James, as they attempt to survive a robot uprising.

According to Gearbox’s description, They Came From Below follows the story of Precocious Roger and the Impetuous James as they set off in search of adventure and love, only to discover a bizarre technology and a terrifying new threat.

Aside from They Came From Below, there also two other DLCs that will follow its release — Lightbearer and We All Fall Down. Lightbearer will follow the story of the heartthrob, artist, personal trainwreck, and Wellington’s Wells’ most famous rockstar Lightbearer Nick. We All Fall Down, on the other hand, will focus on Wellington’s Wells society and its history and why the government decided to build it the way it is.

We Happy Few is an action and adventure game that was released last August 10, 2018, for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles.

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